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About lakh bangles

Bangles are rigid bracelets, usually from metal, wood, lakh or plastic. They are traditional ornaments worn mostly Indian women. It is a common tradition to see a new bride wearing lakh bangles at her wedding and the honeymoon will end when the last bangle breaks. Bangles also have a very traditional value in Hinduism and it is considered inauspicious to be bare armed for a ... Read More »

Get Online Bangles in Jaipur and make Chirpy Yourself

With the boom in eCommerce, every business has gone online. Just like any other business, online bangles in Jaipur are also creating a big buzz in the markets. ChirpyChudiyan.com is the best place to shop for an attractive range of traditional and fashionable bangles in various colors, designs and sizes. Whatever is your desire, you can have it completed at ... Read More »